Coffee travels a long way.

All Coffee beans have a story,  just like any product that has been put together that is currently in your home or in the past has a story behind it.  From the origin to putting the product on the self at the story.  Then for you to buy and consume or use that product in your home. 

The same is true for coffee,  but it goes much more in-depth than just going to the store buying a can of coffee and boom you now have a cup of coffee.

The origin of coffee starts in another country,  usually in places like Pacific/Asia,  Africa/Ariba, and Latian America to name a few. The process of coffee starts just like any plant. it has to start off with growing,  watering,  taking care of the seed to make sure it grows properly. Coffee berries are a very funny plant and have to be picked by hand.  (Did you know that 2-3,000 berries have to be picked by hand to create one pound of coffee?) After the berry has been picked,  it is laid out in the sun to dry. 

At that point,  the coffee berries are bagged up and put on a ship (which can and usually will take up to 3 - 4 weeks before getting to a port).  From the port,  it travels by train or truck to the roaster for roasting of the berries which creates beans.  At that time it is produced into the bean we all know,  which gives you the ability to grind them up for your amazing cup of coffee.  This is a cliff note version of the coffee bean,  but I wanted to break it down for you as the coffee bean has to take an amazing journey for you to enjoy your cup of joe in the morning.  

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